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Bridging The Gap Between East And West

For over forty years the Bosphorus Bridge has been the archetypal symbol of the connection between Asia and Europe; East and West. The bridge has made transportation between the two continents seamlessly smooth, cost effective and timely.

And that’s why we’ve chosen the bridge as the symbol for our new company. Specialising in road transportation to Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Turkmenistan - seamlessly smooth, cost effective and timely.

But that's not all we're doing. Please browse the website for more information or email us here.

Operating as a joint venture between European and Turkish partners we offer road freight solutions to Eastern Europe, Turkey and beyond. From partial shipments to abnormal loads, our experience, professionalism and specialist knowledge make Eastward Speciality the ideal partner for all destinations east.

Our commitment to quality is absolute. We aim to offer the most timely and efficient road transport solutions to your needs whilst keeping your pricing structure competitive. Our quality commitment is further highlighted by our ISO Accreditations)

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